Company Information

Document Information Retrieval Systems, DocIRS is an expert company in developing solutions in the field of information systems.

DocIRS has more than 28 years of experience in modeling, functional designs and developments in various architectures. DocIRS was founded in 1988 in the Hague, the Netherlands, but installed and operating from Chile since 1990.

DocIRS has developed a range of documental and information management systems and has delivered many solutions and services assisting our clients to improve their management capacity in their business. (See "Hypertext: Its Usue in Documentary Treatment of Data")

The services offered by DocIRS are delivered by an expert team of engineers and programmers, who have developed functionally designed processes which were passed to production systems in a variety of complex computing environments.

DocIRS is by definition a small business. It has established a policy to build a small team of engineering experts combined with a high degree of systematization of technological development tools.

DocIRS has its own Data Center for the exclusive use of its projects and applications, database access, web browsing, with dedicated lines of different operators, a robust set of servers, and supported by energy governed UPS, Firewalls and 24x7x365 support and monitoring. DocIRS also has its servers in the Cloud (Amazon Web Service: Route 53 and ELB,Elastic Load Balancing C2), in order to deliver effective externally to business continuity.

DocIRS specializes in the field of mathematical modeling, statistical and documentary data processing, pioneering the development of a communication system based on patterns defined by the client in XML and Web Service that is running in line with more than 300 points throughout Chile.

DocIRS has developed a special methodology (Simple-DocIRS) and a set of services tools called Quality Management Platform, which has several applications: PMO  (Projects), CMO (Contracts), MGMO (Mutual Guarantees), .. working on several Chilean companies, for over ten years.


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